The Headshot Studio

Do you want a great headshot?

3 things are needed for a great headshot...

1) Good Lighting.  We use constant light to get the best possible headshot of you!  Lighting makes a difference because we can add shadows or take them away.

2) Relaxed Atmosphere! It's very important that you are in a professional and relaxed atmosphere.  That is why The Headshot Studio is perfect for your headshot.  Come in relax and then after your session you will choose from the images on our 55" TV.    

3) Personality!  The most important part of a good headshot is to make sure you're not frozen in front of the camera (this happens with most people as soon as the camera comes up you get a look like you're frozen.  We have years of experience of getting people relaxed and capturing true personality in front of the camera.  

Life is an awfully big adventure …