Be Prepared

The main outcome that we want for your headshots is for people to “SEE YOU”!

Therefore to get the best headshot possible I recommend the following….


Please read all of these so that we can get the BEST headshots possible!!


  • Brush your teeth!
  • Comb your eyebrows
  • Curl your eyelashes if necessary
  • Keep clothes wrinkle free!
  • Refresh Make-Up (If Needed)
  • Check Hair!


We recommend solid colors.  Our favorites are black, white & greys (because the focus is on you and not the clothing).

If you wear other colors keep them solid and simple.  Again we want the focus on you.

Tie? You can bring colors I recommend nothing to flashy!!


If your BRAND is bright colors and flowers for example then yes wear what your brand is (but bring other options too)


What Part Of The Body We Will Be Working With:

Most headshots will be shoulders up!

If you are wanting 3/4 or full body please make sure you have nice pants and great shoes!


Clothing:  Bring 2-5 Clothing Options




We recommend…

  1. 1-2 suits, button-up & tie (bring a few tie options)  See Colors Above!
  2. A button-up shirt with a good ironed collar
  3. Solid Color V-Neck
  4. See Color Suggestions above!

If you don’t need a suit look then choose another button-up shirt (preferably white, gray or black).


  1. Nice shirt(s) (ironed if needed)
  2. We love jackets!  (lacey ones, solid ones, etc)
  3. We love dresses (remember to make sure you love it from the shoulders up = headshot)
  4. See Color Suggestions Above!


If you


Hair on Head:

We prefer you have a professional style it.  We can give you recommendations.

Don’t want a stylist? Style your hair like you would wear it when going to a wedding or someplace you would dress up.

Style your hair like you would wear it when going to a wedding or someplace you would dress up.

We recommend keeping it off of your face (because it’s a headshot and we want to see your face).

We love pony-tails but wear your hair down and we can always put it into a pony-tail.

Other Hair:

Nose Hair: (Yes I am going to go there)

Please remove all nose hair that people can see (sticking out of your nose)!



We prefer a professional make-up artist.

NO HEAVY MAKEUP  – Go Light I will “cover” imperfections (pimples, scratch, etc).

Most important: keep it simple.

We want to see you NOT JUST YOUR make up.

Light on the eyeliner and eye make-up, neutral on the lips, etc.  Why? We want people

Neutral on the lips, etc.  Why? We want people

Why? We want people to see your face and be drawn to your natural features and not dramatic makeup that takes the focus off of you.

Blemishes?  It’s OK we detail edit your headshot and we can take off blemishes.  Better than trying to cover them with makeup and looking to fake.

We have great lighting to help with unevenness, blemishes, imperfections, etc.


Eyelashes & Eye Brows:


Girls & Guys Please curl your eyelashes up.

Guys you have probably not used an eyelash curler but most guys eyelashes grow straight out and some hang over the eye.  We want them going up a little not a lot but a little.  We don’t want them hanging over your eye.

Girls make sure you wear a mascara that doesn’t clump your eyelashes together.  We want to see all the eyelashes you have!


Make sure they are plucked, waxed and shaped!  We want them looking amazing!!


Again we want the focus to be on you NOT on your jewelry.

If you want to wear jewelry please keep it small and simple.

Keep away from necklaces and large bulky earrings, they can be very distracting in your photos.

If you have more questions feel free to contact me for more information

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